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The fame and name of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan was spreading rapidly and many people believed in him as Lord Supreme himself and thereby getting their initiation through him. This made the ill followers of Dharma very jealous because the people were loosing faith in them. So they in turn took revenge by hurting the saints, but the saints were strong and tolerated even the worst of the punishments without thinking bad about the punishers. They just believed that Lord is the Ultimate giver and taker and therefore he will be the saviour(Hari Ichha).
Lord Swaminarayan also converted the most dangerous and violent persons to loyal and humble followers; examples include Joban Pagi and Sagram Vaghri. Lord also celebrated various festivals like “fooldol utsavs”, “Janmastmi”, “Ramnavmi”, “Ekadashi Samaiyas” and unlimited “Vishnu Yagnas”. On such festivals, thousands of Brahmins, followers and non-followers participated, and were served with Prasad by Lord Himself and Saints. Lord was now satisfied about the establishment of Bhagvat Dharma.
He was satisfied with the faith of the followers and their devotion towards him. He then thought of post consequences that if he left for Akshardham how will the followers and the coming generations believe in him. He therefore decided to make big temples at Ahemdabad, Vadtal, Bhuj, Dholera, Junagadh, Gadhda, Muli, Jetalpur, and Dholka, he also created Holy books such as “Vachanamrutam” which contains Lords own discourses and debates over various religious issues, “Shikshapatri”, the handbook of our Satsang and Satsangi Jivan, written by Shatanand Swami and proof read by Lord Himself.
He then thought about the vastness of his mission and realized that it was not a single persons job to handle the Satsang as it had grown enourmously. He therefore established the Acharyas and Divided the Satsang into two regions. Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj headed Northern Region Ahemdabad and Southern Region Vadtal was headed by Raghuvirji Maharaj.

After this ceremonies Lord was satisfied because the system he established was working properly and efficiently. He then thought of going back to Akshardham, but due to the request of saints and devotees he stayed for some more time. He started to get ill more often, he called for Gopalanad Swami in Akshar-Ordi and asked him to take over, and look after the Satsang and Acharayas. On saying these words and his hands in the hand of Gopalanand Swami, he left for Akshardham, on Jeth Sud 10 1886 (Tuesday 1 Jun 1830) at the age of 49. This was truly a mission accomplished. Out of all the other incarnations, this incarnation was the only incarnation where there was a lot of attention given to the ways of converting the evil into good and humble followers and establishment of ways and virtues that would never arise the causes of that evil ever again.

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