About Lord Shree Swaminarayan’s

On request of Nilkanth Varni, Ramanand Swami gave him Bhagwati Diksha(inititiation) and was given the names Sahajanand and Narayan Muni. Sahajanand Swami then took over the activities of Ramanand Swami, due to his suitability, deep knowledge of the shastras, yoga power, and humble service to the saints and devotees.

Ramanand Swami then announced in the village of Jetpur, in front of a big assembly that Sahajanand Swami will take over my place and promote Dharma, Gnan, Vairagya, Bhakti and most important of all, the ways to attain Salvation (Moksha). A few days later Ramanand swami passed away, and Sahajanand Swami started his mission. He promoted samadhi, where people saw divine abodes such as Golok, Bhrampur, Swetdeep and Akshardham(eternal abode).

He then traveled to Mangrol where he initiated the digging of a well (Waw) and defeated Meghjit, followed by Kalwani, Meghpur, Manavadar, explaining people the importance of God, and ways to control the senses (Indriyos). He then proceeded to Bhaderpur, where he asked people to have faith in only one God and ignore faith in deities before which animals are sacrificed. He then left for Bhuj-Kutch. Here he advised people to perform non-violent Yagnas and preached and conveyed Vedic knowledge to devotees. He then left for Dhamanka preaching non-violence and true Vedic Dharma. He visited Sardharpur where he celebrated Janmashtami festival.

He was then invited to Kariyani, and then he went to Gadhda where Abhay Raja offered his best of service to the Lord. Much impressed by the services Lord installed the Murtis of Vasudev and Radha in the house of Abhay Raja. Lord decided to make Gadhda as his principle place of residence. He held a lot of sabhas and made strict rules to be followed by those who were initiated(Diksha) by him. The rules were such that, my disciples should perform non-violent Vaishnavi Yagnas, should have firm control over the senses(indriyos), should overcome evils such as passion, anger, greed, arrogance, and lust(Antar shatruos), should follow the Varnashram Dharma, should protect and preach the Dharma at all costs, should have firm knowledge about Jiv, Ishwar, Maya, Brahm and Parabrahm, should regard themselves as souls and should not have attachment to the body (Atmanishta) should not drink wine, liquor or any kind of intoxicants, should not eat meat in any form even if it is as medicine, should abstain from adultery and not look passionately at ladies, should not steal even if it is for the reason of Dharma, and should not eat food cooked by unknown persons and from improper sources(Panchvartman). Such were the strict rules to the followers of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan.