About Lord Shree Swaminarayan’s

The journey through the forest lasted for seven years one month and eleven days. In Loj, Nilkanth Varni met Sukhanand Swami. Nilkanth Varni tested him with a few questions and got appropriate answers. He then asked Sukhanand Swami about his Guru. Sukahanand Swami gave all the details about Ramanand Swami. He also invited Varni to visit the ashram, which was headed by Muktanand Swami at that time because Ramanand Swami was away preaching in Bhuj-Kutch. Varni then visited the ashram and was given a warm welcome by the saints. Varni then asked Muktanand Swami questions about the attributes and properties of Jiva, Ishwar, Maya, Brahm, and Parabrahm. Nilkanth Varni got very clear answers, which satisfied his expectations and proudly asked Mukatanand Swami about his guru. Mukatanand Swami hence proudly mentioned about the greatness of Ramanand Swami. Nilkanth Varni then became very anxious to meet him.
He then wrote a letter to Ramanand Swami, which was delivered to Bhuj by Mayaram Bhatt. This letter to Ramanand Swami, Shikshapatri, and the summary of six Shastras(Gutko), were the only three things written by Lord Swaminarayan with his own divine hands. When Ramanand Swami opened the letter the whole place was filled with so much light, immediately Ramanand Swami knew who the letter was from and told the Satsangis present that, “I have always said that I am a mere a small player in this Sampaday and the main player is to come, that Player has now arrived in Loj and we will all soon do Darshan of Him. Ramanand Swami replied that he would be waiting for Nilkanth Varni in Piplana.

In the mean time Nilkanth Varni advised devotees to divide the Sabha of males and females, he closed the hole in a wall where saints used to exchange items with the Grahastas claiming that it was a hole in the satsang if not closed. Nilkanth Varni then went to Piplana accompanied by saints. When they reached Piplana, he saw Ramanand Swami and offered Dandvat and paid his respect to him. Swami then asked Varni his whereabouts and his parents. Varni then told him everything about his parents through to the journey through the forests until he arrived at Loj. Ramanand Swami was very pleased on hearing Varnis efforts.