About Lord Shree Swaminarayan’s

In the eighteenth century, our beloved India was really deteriorating in social and religious terms. There were many casts of people whose leaders were fighting amongst themselves for nothing but power and fame, and thereby causing a lot of violence and blood shed of innocent lives and sending a wave of fear, and lack of safety, amongst the innocent devotees of Lord.

Religiously, it was much more worse. Devious saints used to wonder around misinterpreting the scriptures and misleading the devotees. They used to threaten devotees with black magic and evil spells if they did not follow what they said. Virtues such as truthfulness, forgiveness, non-violence, politeness, righteous conduct and humanity became history; instead, passion, ego, pride, greediness, jealousy, adultery, deceit, hypocrisy and violence were spreading everywhere.

As promised by Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita, “whenever Dharma will deteriorate and Adharma will prevail, I will incarnate on this earth in human form, to destroy the roots of Adharma and evil, and, re-establish Dharma and protect my devotees”. The situation was now perfect for the Lord to incarnate. A meeting was held in Badrikashram, in front of Lord Shree Nar-Narayan Dev, where Munis (Saints) from different areas of Bharat (India) came with their pleas and prayers for protection from evil. Lord Nar-Narayan Dev on hearing their pleas immediately got concerned about his devotees.